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The Challenge

A healthcare facilities faced increased patient volume and higher expectations for patient experience and satisfaction. To meet these increasing demands, they needed to eliminate wasted steps and create a more streamlined workflow.
One of the critical components to an effective workflow was asset tracking and management. When staff members were under pressure, they did not have enough time to spare searching for medical equipment such as IV pumps and patient monitoring devices.

Ventilator monitor ,given oxygen by intubation tube to patient, setting in ICU/Emergency room
medicine, technology and healthcare concept - female doctor or nurse with computer and clipboard calling on phone at hospital

Our Solution

End2End’s Asset Management platform uniquely combined the industry’s most real-time location system with a proven security platform. Just one infrastructure was installed to manage- making it the most practical asset visibility solution available. Asset locating was available with security from a single tag. With End2End’s asset tracking and management solution, the staff knew the exact location and condition of critical resources they needed.

The Benefit

End2End’s solution provided visibility to asset location and status and reduced the time to search for equipment. This, in turn, provided increased staff satisfaction, less shrinkage, and improved the clinical workflow.

Young African male doctor smiling while standing in a hospital corridor with a diverse group of staff in the background

Ready To Start?

End2End is a complete multi-toolset in one efficient application enabling real-time tracking and collaboration between people, projects, assets, and technology. Our tailored software solution provides visibility, accountability, and assurance. At End2End, we deliver on our promise, so you can deliver on yours. And that’s Trust. Delivered.

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