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The Telecommunications Client

A government agency that installs high-value electrical and telecommunication equipment around the United States approached us with concerns over project management. Their multimillion-dollar services are a part of critical infrastructure maintenance, therefore, efficiencies in providing these services are vital. This work included managing dozens of internal employees from field crew to engineers and business managers to accountants. It also included subcontractors. They had a large-scale need to manage multi-locational remote projects – at the same time.

Government Agent is Tracking Fugitive with Her Computer in Big Monitoring Room Full of Computers with Animated Screens.
Technical Controller Working at His Workstation with Multiple Displays. Displays Show Various Technical Information. He's Alone in System Control Center.

The Challenge

Complexity costs time and money. This project could exceed the initially planned completion time and budget and put a strain on project finances, the relationship between the clients, and most of all, the profitability of the organization. The intricacies of this project required seamless coordination between multiple subcontractors, equipment vendors, remote crew, and the business management team. Because this project was mainly done in remote locations and often outside of the watchful eye of the government management team. Maintaining consistency and quality of service proved to be a big challenge. Lapses in communication between remote workers and management resulted in a massive loss of work time, site revisits, no shows, and most importantly, incomplete or inaccurate work being done.

Our Solution

With the End2End’s remote project management solution, the government agency could bring complete visibility, order, and consistency to a sizeable multi-million-dollar engineering project. By streamlining project communication from on-site smartphone technology to an online project management software platform, the government could view every project’s status in real-time, removing the surprises associated with blind spots that so often plague projects of this nature. Our software provided real-time information, images, crew location, inventory availability, and reporting needed to make informed and collaborative decisions. The mobile application allowed project managers and decision-makers to connect to work occurring in the field quickly. Our software provided an unprecedented level of on-site and off-site collaboration by sharing photos, live videos, and task-specific progress reports. The task owners used the mobile application to capture real-time project data as the work occurred and automatically updated project documents and images were immediately accessible.

Close-up Shot of Female IT Engineer Working in Monitoring Room. She Works with Multiple Displays.

Ready To Start?

End2End is a complete multi-toolset in one efficient application enabling real-time tracking and collaboration between people, projects, assets, and technology. Our tailored software solution provides visibility, accountability, and assurance. At End2End, we deliver on our promise, so you can deliver on yours. And that’s Trust. Delivered.

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