Consumer, Retail & E-Commerce
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Consumer, Retail & E-Commerce

The Last-Mile Challenge

A large enterprise faced the need to deliver a perfect last-mile experience and, hence, leverage last-mile software solutions. The quality of available data in this market was lacking. The data supplied by the customer was limited. The timing was tight and immediate feedback was necessary. A last-mile delivery platform was required to empower their employees, cater to increasing customer expectations, and achieve operational efficiencies.

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Our Solution

We provided them a range of operational services from delivery scheduling, task allocation, routing, real-time tracking, tracing, all while keeping costs within budget. End2End’s last-mile delivery routing software helped the company deliver the perfect final mile experience to their customers at optimal efficiency.

The Benefit

Our software provided real-time last-mile visibility, last-mile operational control, shipment status check-in calls, and operational efficiency. The result was greater customer satisfaction and greater clarity for their drivers.

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Ready To Start?

End2End is a complete multi-toolset in one efficient application enabling real-time tracking and collaboration between people, projects, assets, and technology. Our tailored software solution provides visibility, accountability, and assurance. At End2End, we deliver on our promise, so you can deliver on yours. And that’s Trust. Delivered.

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