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Solutions For Your Industry

From strategy to solution, we work with our customers to provide comprehensive guidance and solutions tailored to their industry and business. Remaining relevant through the right solutions and technology is key to an optimized supply chain and supporting business growth. 

Container truck in ship port for business Logistics and transportation of Container Cargo ship and Cargo plane with working crane bridge in shipyard at sunrise, logistic import export and transport industry background

The people and industries we proudly serve:


Aerospace, Defense

& Government

Automotive & Manufacturing


Consumer, Retail, & E-commerce

Grocery & Food Service

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Transportation & Logistics


Agriculture is in need of capturing more data than ever – from agronomy to the weather to logistics. Through our cloud-based solution, both predictive data analytics and prescriptive optimization techniques enable better decision making and real-time responsiveness to deploy the right solutions and technology.

Smart farming, using modern technologies in agriculture. Man agronomist farmer with digital tablet computer in green house of melon farm.

Aerospace, Defense & Government

Aerospace, Defense, and Government are some of the worlds most complex supply chains. However, deploying a powerful multi-party supply chain management applications via our cloud-based platform is seamless. Our integrated systems transform and unify aging, error-prone legacy systems into modernized business technology platforms to achieve real-time visibility, collaboration and control for all departments from first mile to the last tactical mile. We improve operational readiness with integrated asset, supply, inventory, and logistics orchestration and execution.

Automotive & Manufacturing

Automotive and Manufacturing companies today are challenged with rapidly changing retail demands and increased production and delivery costs. An optimized supply chain can help reduce costs, increase productivity, ensure controlled inventory, and maximize facility space. Our cloud platform provides a single, real-time, end-to-end operating backbone to manage planning, execution, and orchestration of transactions across OEMs.  The result is unprecedented visibility and control, lower inventory, and increased agility, while reducing total system cost to deploy, maintain, and support.

Engineer hand using tablet with machine real time monitoring system software. Automation robot arm machine in smart factory automotive industrial Industry 4th iot , digital manufacturing operation.
Silhouette engineer standing orders for construction crews to work safely on high ground over blurred natural background sunset pastel. heavy industry and safety at work concept.


Construction contractors, material suppliers, service crews and other involved parties collaborate to secure a conclusive build asset. Supply chain management merely provides structure to the formality of the arrangement. Our real-time cloud-based software solution enables the collaboration of people, assets, projects, and technology to ensure efficient management of materials and information to improve performance of suppliers and partners.

Consumer, Retail, & E-commerce

The way we shop is evolving. The consumer calls the shots. With the challenges of omni-channel demand, multiple fulfillment and return points, and shortened delivery windows, supply chain networks with inefficient operations and outdated technology get exposed. The e-commerce and brick-and-mortar customer are one-in-the-same. And their expectations are rising quickly around flawless order processing, same or next-day delivery, and flexible returns options. We provide the chain of custody tools to optimize, automate and track execution of the entire inbound and outbound logistics life cycle.

stock taking. beautiful young woman worker of furniture store. light stock
Cropped photo of a supermarket worker demonstrating the fresh produce in front of the camera

Grocery & Food Service

Grocery and Food Service distribution is fast-paced and ever-changing. Ongoing high demand volatility requires supply chain agility. Meeting customer demand while lowering overhead costs requires complete end-to-end visibility, business intelligence, and collaboration. And while product, price and promotion all matter, your supply chain either makes or breaks your customer’s experience – and your bottom line. We provide the cloud-based tools to connect, optimize, collaborate, and execute.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

The highly regulated healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is rapidly changing. Medical device manufacturers, hospital networks, and pharmaceutical companies need to manage demand, supply, and logistics to maximize patient outcomes and service levels. By providing the ability to see and respond to the needs of customers and patients in real time, our powerful cloud platform manages all aspects of chain of custody, shipments of medicines, devices and supplies.

lab technician assistant analyzing a blood sample in test tube at laboratory with microscope. Medical, pharmaceutical and scientific research and development concept.
Forklift loader in storage warehouse ship yard. Distribution products. Delivery. Logistics. Transportation. Business background

Transportation & Logistics

Third party logistics providers face a highly competitive marketplace where success depends on being agile and cost-competitive to accommodate rapidly changing customer demands. On-boarding new customers quickly and successfully requires multi-team collaboration. Our cloud-based platform streamlines, automates and tracks execution of the entire inbound and outbound logistics lifecycle – from order to delivery – there’s one version of the truth.